Matthew Merenoff


Matt’s impressive two-decade career in the real estate industry showcases his expertise in loan modification, short sale negotiations, and settlements on a national scale. Beginning as the Director of a National For Sale By Owner program, he quickly recognized the challenges faced by typical homeowners. After witnessing the program’s rapid growth, Matt made a pivotal decision to shift his focus to assist homeowners navigating the uncertainties of their home loan futures.

What distinguishes Matt from others in his field is his personal connection to his work. Inspired by his wife’s experience of losing her family’s home to foreclosure during her college years, Matt is driven by a deep commitment to preventing others from facing a similar fate. This personal connection fuels his approach, where he treats every individual with kindness and empathy, understanding that homeownership challenges could impact anyone.

As part of his contributions to the industry, Matt has authored five comprehensive manuals on short sales during his tenure at Realestate Recovery Group. He has also delivered over 150 impactful presentations and seminars/webinars. In addition to group sessions, Matt has provided one-on-one coaching to a diverse range of professionals, including attorneys, realtors, homeowners, mortgage professionals, and investors, all of whom have achieved remarkable success under his guidance.

In early 2022, Matt expanded his reach by releasing his first book, “Short Sale Savage,” available on This publication further solidifies his authority in the field. Moreover, recognizing the evolving landscape of education,

Currently, Matt is at the helm of Realestate Recovery Group, one of the leading visual loss mitigation companies in the United States ( Despite the challenges posed by the market, including the lifting of moratoriums and a return to normalcy, Matt remains dedicated and unyielding in his commitment to assisting individuals facing real estate challenges.

Matt continues to demonstrate his dedication to the real estate industry as the market regains momentum after the lifting of moratoriums and a return to normalcy.

Lia Chambers

Lead Processor/ Negotiator

Lia is passionate about the needs and goals of her clients as she specializes in bringing peace of mind to homeowners who have previously struggled with their interactions with lenders on their own or with another unseasoned representative. By making an industry leap from working for the bank to working for the borrower, Lia found professional success at a high level.

Lia currently has a 90 day turnaround for favorable decisions, when the average, regardless of favorable decision or not, is typically 120-180 days. She has made a high level of commitment to her real estate education and also to mentor her team with the knowledge of up to date guidelines and regulations for active Investors such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and FHA to name a few. She is able to give the inside track on what most borrowers do not know and what the bank does not want you to know on simple loan modification and short sale transactions.